Pokédex data

Pokédex №045
Typeundefined undefined
SpeciesWavering Pokémon
DNALumineon + Altaria
Held ItemsMystic Water (Common)
Life Dew (Uncommon)


EV yield2 Sp. Defense
Catch rate45%
Base Friendship70 (normal)
Base Exp.185
Growth RateFast


Egg GroupsDragon, Water 2
Gender100% female

Base stats

Sp. Atk85
Sp. Def120

Evolution chart

This Pokémon doesn’t evolve.

Pokédex entry

Hidden over the clouds of the night sky, it fills the globe with a beautiful song, warning living beings of a storm that is to come. An irrational behavior for a beautiful and soothing Pokémon, which is the author of said tempest and phenomenon. Many wonder if it lives under a state of negation, without questioning what’s in for revelation.

Moves learnt by level up

1Vapor CloakundefinedStatus0+This move will heal the Status Conditions of all of your active team, +4 Priority.
1Aqua DewundefinedStatus0+Restores the user’s HP by 50%.
1Flip TurnundefinedPhysical75100%The user will swap places with a party member after the move is used.
1Psych UpundefinedStatus0+The user will fully copy the target’s stat boosts or stat drops, ignores Protect/Detect, +4 Priority.
1Boomburstundefined150+Hits both foes and your partner.
1Weather Ballundefined60100%This attack doubles its base damage and changes its typing to one that matches the Weather on the field.
1Flamethrowerundefined100100%20% chance to Burn the foe.
1Cuddle MeundefinedPhysical60+Steals the foe’s held item, ignores Protect/Detect.
1Disarm Voiceundefined6595%Lowers both foes’ Attack stat.
1SingundefinedStatus075%Causes the foe to fall asleep
1Wind Breakundefined7090%Always lowers both foes’ Speed stat.
1Clear Breezeundefined80100%Eliminates the stat changes of all Active Pokémon, hits a single target.
1Fake TearsundefinedStatus095%Harshly lowers both foes’ Sp. Defense.
1SafeguardundefinedStatus0+Protects the user and its party from status problems for 5 turns, +5 Priority.
1Icy Windundefined7090%Always lowers both foes’ Speed stat.
1Silver Windundefined8080%20% chance to raise the user’s Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, Attack, Defense and Speed stats.
1AttractundefinedStatus090%Infatuates opposite gender foes, +1 Priority.
1Cirrus Cloudundefined6585%40% chance to Freeze both foes.
1Scaldundefined80100%30% chance to Burn the foe.
1Cotton GuardundefinedStatus0+Drastically raises the user’s Defense stat.
32WhirlwindundefinedStatus0+Forces the foe to switch out, doesn’t have negative priority.
32MistundefinedStatus0+Protects the user and its party from stat reduction for 5 turns, +5 Priority.
34Dragon Breathundefined7590%Paralyzes the target.
36Rain DanceundefinedStatus0+Summons heavy rain for 5 turns, Water-type moves increase their power and Fire-type moves decrease it, +2 Priority.
36Sunny DayundefinedStatus0+Summons harsh sunlight for 5 turns, Fire-type moves increase their power and Water-type moves decrease it, +2 Priority.
36HailundefinedStatus0+Summons a hailstorm for 5 turns, non Ice-type Pokémon will lose HP at the end of each turn, +2 Priority.
39Gale Windundefined085%Harshly lowers both foes’ Speed stat, +1 Priority.
42Hurricaneundefined13075%This move won’t miss during heavy rain.
44SubstituteundefinedStatus0+Creates a decoy with a quarter of the user’s HP, which is immune to status and temporarily takes damage for the user.
47Aurora Pulseundefined85100%Always lowers the foe’s Attack.
50Fairy Chantundefined80100%Always raises the user’s Sp. Attack.
52Thunderundefined12575%30% chance to Paralyze the foe, this move won’t miss during heavy rain.
55Rainfallundefined12570%This move won’t miss during heavy rain, hits both foes.

Technical Machine Compatibility

Check the Technical Machine section from the Main Menu for more details on these moves.

TM No.MoveTypeCat.Compatibility
01Hyper Voiceundefined
02Dash OutundefinedPhysical
03Wave SlashundefinedPhysical
05Poison JabundefinedPhysical
06Toxic Mistundefined
07Plague Puffundefined
10Sky GlideundefinedPhysical
11Ground ShockundefinedPhysical
12Terra Danceundefined
13Ice DanceundefinedPhysical
14Cryo Bombundefined
15Aura Sphereundefined
16Close CombatundefinedPhysical
17Rock SlideundefinedPhysical
18Power Gemundefined
19Giga Drainundefined
20Spike StrikeundefinedPhysical
22Mind Controlundefined
23Wild ChargeundefinedPhysical
24Tactical Shotundefined
26Iron HeadundefinedPhysical
27Sneak Outundefined
28Pocket FeintundefinedPhysical
29Soul Devourundefined
30Shadow PunchundefinedPhysical
32Play RoughundefinedPhysical
33Fire LashundefinedPhysical
34Heat Waveundefined
35Dragon Pulseundefined
36Dragon ClawundefinedPhysical
37Heal BellundefinedStatus
39Swords DanceundefinedStatus
40Nasty PlotundefinedStatus
42Perish SongundefinedStatus
44Stealth RockundefinedStatus
45Rage PowderundefinedStatus
46Thunder WaveundefinedStatus
48Magic CourtundefinedStatus
50Light ScreenundefinedStatus
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